Alcoholics and addicts know that “meeting makers make it”, meaning that one of the keys to maintaining sobriety is that of meaningful contact with others in their programs.

To take the concept of the meeting one big step further, AA members of our area in 1952 held the first annual Southern California Convention, consisting of multiple AA meetings, workshops and recreational opportunities, all in one venue. This celebrated event, along with a similar one held in Palm Springs beginning in 1960, generated so much enthusiasm and attendance (AA membership was growing substantially) that AA members in San Diego decided that they would organize a new, convention-style event. Thus was born the San Diego Spring Roundup, first held in 1978 and having just celebrated its 43th anniversary.

Roundups are now common throughout the country.

By definition, an AA Roundup is a weekend-long gathering of members of Alcoholics Anonymous (families are welcome) in an exciting, comfortable environment for the purpose of growing in awareness, fellowship, and enlightenment about Alcoholism.

The San Diego Spring Roundup has been held in a number of large hotel/conference centers in or near the center city. The SSRU features organized breakfasts, lunches and dinners along with speaker meetings, family meetings, workshops, entertainment, sporting events, dances and raffles. The SSRU offers wonderful opportunities to meet people, share experiences, and learn more about the disease of alcoholism in a stress free environment. 

Due to COVID-19 the 2020 Annual San Diego Spring Roundup was canceled. Thanks to technology, ample time to plan and the stellar support of countless volunteers, the 2021 Virtual San Diego Spring Roundup was created and carried off with tremendous success. The 2021 San Diego Spring Roundup included yoga sessions, meditation offerings, comedy and variety shows and – of course – AA, Alanon and Alateen meetings, all offered in English and Spanish. There was also a 5K and 10K event, which could be run on any course around the world, with everyone getting a 2021 San Diego Spring Roundup T-shirt. The (socially distanced) golf tournament and deep sea fishing events were hugely successful as well.

Thanks to the generous benefactors who donated state-of-the-art computer equipment, the men at Heartland House were able to virtually attend the 2021 San Diego Spring Roundup. They continue to express their gratitude for such enhancements to their chances of successfully recovery.

For more information about the San Diego Spring Roundup and roundups around the world, and be sure to check the Resources page of our e-newsletter.


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