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Welcome to Heartland House.
For over 56 years, we have helped thousands of men, giving them the tools to live a new clean and sober life, free of drugs and alcohol.


Heartland House is Experienced

We have helped thousands of men regain their lives – redeeming relationships with their families, reclaiming their careers, and reconnecting with the joy of life.


Heartland House is Successful

The Heartland House program gives its graduates the tools they need to get clean and  sober and kick the relapse cycle.


Heartland House is Affordable

Heartland House offers a top-quality program at an affordable price.


Heartland House Helps Veterans.

Heartland House is one of the area’s most experienced programs serving the unique needs of veterans.

Our numbers tell our story.*
  • Clients that completed the program or made satisfactory progress 68.8% 68.8%
  • Reported no relapse in the last 90 days 78% 78%
  • Were Employed 88% 88%
  • Had no Criminal Activity 99% 99%
  • Were Attending 12-step meetings 71% 71%
  • Had a Sponsor 70% 70%
* Based on a sample of graduates who were successfully contacted.


Heartland House Testimonial from JohnJohn


“And I had lost-well, no-I gave it away-I gave away my daughter, my marriage, my family-so you had to asked why I wasn’t trying something.”

Heartland House Testimonial from Daniel Daniel


“It’s important that every knows that Heartland House and their curriculum that we have, the stuff that we’re doing, where we’re going - I’m proud to be a staff member there. I’m proud to be an alumni there. I’m proud that I can give something back and help guys.”

ArnaldoHeartland House Testimonial from Amando


“The board members-you guys are wonderful, because you come and you talk with us. You don’t just come to the board and walk away, you come sit and you say hi...you guys have something there at Heartland House.”

(619) 287-5460
(619) 287-5040
5855 Streamview Drive
San Diego, CA 92105

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