Heartland House Testimonial from JohnJohn


“And I had lost-well, no-I gave it away-I gave away my daughter, my marriage, my family-so you had to asked why I wasn’t trying something.”

Heartland House Testimonial from Daniel Daniel


“It’s important that every knows that Heartland House and their curriculum that we have, the stuff that we’re doing, where we’re going - I’m proud to be a staff member there. I’m proud to be an alumni there. I’m proud that I can give something back and help guys.”

ArnaldoHeartland House Testimonial from Amando


“The board members-you guys are wonderful, because you come and you talk with us. You don’t just come to the board and walk away, you come sit and you say hi...you guys have something there at Heartland House.”

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Letters from Residents

David Neal

David Neal

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” My stay at the Heartland House was a life changing experience for me. All the staff, down to the cooks were amazing! My case manager S. Regaila showed concern in areas that i needed and took extra time with me to make sure my short term goals that i had set were achieved. All the way to helping me sign up for Fall semester in College. She made sure i went into depth on all my assignments, and simply care more than any Case Manager has ever in the past. Thank you Mrs. Regaila, you truly help men recover.

This next thank you goes out to B. Jolly, my group counselor. If you are serious about your recovery and want to really learn about relapse prevention, Mr. B. Jolly is the man for you. The things i thought i knew about my addiction, and underlying effects, the reasons causing me to relapse were all wrong. Once i started in B. Jolly’s group he taught me things i wish i had known years ago, but i wasn’t ready. The structure Mr. Jolly brought to each class was exceptional, and left no room for question. He is a Master at getting the point across when it comes to Gorski, and Millers book on Staying Sober, Relapse Prevention. The care and individual depth he took with each client was amazing! my experience with him was top notch. Being in his class has given me the opportunity to live a comfortable and productive lifestyle. Hands down Heartland House has given me the opportunity to have a second chance at life, and has made it possible to give my family the man they deserve. If you are serious about changing your life, so you can make your junk box lighter, and your tool box heavier, then Heartland House is for you. Once again thank you Full-Blast to all the staff, and the Heartland House program.



I came to Heartland house on April tenth of 2019. I had been living on the streets and was deep in the grips of my disease. I was at the end of the road, utterly hopeless about the state I had been living in. I knew one thing for sure, the way I was living was not working and I wanted to change.

Heartland House took me in with open arms and helped me become the man I am today. I have had struggles throughout my journey here. From dealing with things that have happened in my past, to having to turn myself into probation. Heartland House has been there with me the whole time helping me every step of the way. My counselor William McCarty saw my dedication and went above and beyond for me. He helped set me up with a therapist whom I see on a regular basis and is helping me now in my transition to sober living when I graduate. I have a sponsor that is taking me through the steps and talk too regularly. I am going back to school to continue my career in dental science.

I am moving on to the next stage in my recovery soon and it’s amazing to think about everything I had gained and learned since I first got here. I owe my life to this program and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to live a better life free from chains of addiction.



My name is Jesse I came to Heartland House early April 2019, I moved here from Wisconsin less than a year ago with all the intention of staying sober when I got here. It did not take long till I was on the street shooting heroin and crystal meth destroying every aspect of my life. No job, no money, no home to live in and more importantly no emotional security what so ever. I had reached my wit’s end and knew something had to change.

I called every place in San Diego; everyone had huge waiting lists and had only a couple of short windows for doing an assessment. After I did my assessment I was surprised that I was able to get in that day. If not for that, I don’t think I would be here. I had a big slip up at first. About five days into the program I left, got a hotel and got high. I had no intention of coming back, or that anyone even cared. But the following morning both my counselor William McCarty and the program manager Lafitte Banville called me numerous times telling me that they wanted to help me and that I could come back to the program.

Sitting in that room I saw how truly powerless I was and how much I needed help. I threw out the rest of the drugs I had and went straight back. It did not bother me that I was on orientation for almost five weeks. I needed help and was willing to do whatever it took. I really struggled with the anxiety of life without drugs. They taught me different ways to deal with it in a healthy manner.

I became a peer leader and eventually a senior peer leader. Someone that people could count on. I have a sponsor that I am working the steps with that I was able to meet when they took us to AA meetings. I am now living at the sober living next door. I have a culinary apprenticeship, I am in the process of getting my teeth fixed, and I am about to obtain my driver’s license. I cannot begin to thank Heartland house for everything they have done for me. I could never have imagined at the beginning of this journey just how much I would accomplish and gain. I know I put in the work but I would not have been able to do it without Heartland House. They helped me every step of the way. I owe them my life and recommend this program to anyone wanting to change.

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