Heartland House Testimonial from JohnJohn


“And I had lost-well, no-I gave it away-I gave away my daughter, my marriage, my family-so you had to asked why I wasn’t trying something.”

Heartland House Testimonial from Daniel Daniel


“It’s important that every knows that Heartland House and their curriculum that we have, the stuff that we’re doing, where we’re going - I’m proud to be a staff member there. I’m proud to be an alumni there. I’m proud that I can give something back and help guys.”

ArnaldoHeartland House Testimonial from Amando


“The board members-you guys are wonderful, because you come and you talk with us. You don’t just come to the board and walk away, you come sit and you say hi...you guys have something there at Heartland House.”

Our mission is to serve men recovering from substance use disorder and related co-occurring conditions. Our overall goals are to provide a living environment conducive to continued recovery, conduct an educational program that helps the newly recovering alcoholic/addict establish a long-term support system, and generate attitudes that enhance self-sufficiency, self-worth and an ongoing quality of life.

Heartland House · 5855 Streamview Drive San Diego, California 92105 · info@heartlandhouse.org · 619-287-5460

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