The Heartland House residential treatment program is organized to focus on the specific needs of the individual, supporting person-centered treatment and progress in treatment. As an example, one’s physical and emotional well-being. Each man learns more about the disease of addiction and explores new ways of solving problems without using drugs or alcohol.

Our Recovery Program

An overview of our various program components, from day one through sober living/continuing care.


Over its 56 years in existence, Heartland House has provided a successful patient-centered social model program, adapting our approach in response to ongoing research in the field of addiction recovery.


No appointment is necessary. Just call 619-287-5460 to make the appointment to change your life.  

Residents & Alumni

Resources for residents and alumni or our program.

Our mission is to serve men recovering from substance use disorder and related co-occurring conditions. Our overall goals are to provide a living environment conducive to continued recovery, conduct an educational program that helps the newly recovering alcoholic/addict establish a long-term support system, and generate attitudes that enhance self-sufficiency, self-worth and an ongoing quality of life.

Heartland House · 5855 Streamview Drive San Diego, California 92105 · · 619-287-5460

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