The Heartland House substance abuse recovery home and continuing care/sober living home is operated by The Twelfth Step House of San Diego, which was incorporated as a nonprofit in 1960. We have a proud, 56-year history of fiscal responsibility, and are committed to openness in all our financial operations. Here you will find reports and documents that show the strength of our program, our financial condition and our commitment to openly sharing information about our operations.

Annual Report

A graphic summary of the clients we served, our program, our budget and our program successes.

IRS Form 990

The federal tax return most public charities are required to file annually required to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It includes a summary of our organization’s activities, assets, receipts and expenditures, as well any compensation of directors, officers and key employees.

Audited Financial Report

This report presents our organization’s fiscal operations and financial condition.

Fiscal and Program Transparency and Responsibility Policy

This policy outlines the processes we follow to spend funds responsibly and openly share information.

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