Fiscal and Program Transparency and Responsibility Policy


To establish goals and procedures with the purpose of: 1) maximizing available resources used for program operations and for the benefit of residents; 2) tracking the performance and effectiveness of programs; and 3) being transparent to donors and the public concerning program operations and the use of available funds.


Fiscal practices will maximize the percentage of funds used for program and direct client services with a goal of achieving the following targets:

  • The amount expended on program should be at minimum 65% of annual expenses.
  • The unrestricted net assets available for program use should not exceed three times the size of the past year’s expenses or three times the size of the current year’s budget, whichever is higher.
  • This policy applies solely to the operating budget for Heartland House and not to endowments or other special funds.

Program achievements will be tracked and reported to the Board of Directors to ensure efforts are focused on achieving key goals and targets.

Donors and members of the public will have access to fiscal and program accountability summary information to ensure transparency.


These are the procedures for administering this policy:

  • Budgets, financial statements and financial reports will be structured to clearly and accurately capture expenses in the following categories of: Program, Administration, and Fundraising.
  • The process and reporting will be consistent across the organization’s approved budget, income/expense reporting and IRS Form 990.
  • The Administrator and Managing Director will report to the Board of Directors at least twice a year on the progress in meeting targets for program expenditures and net assets available for program.
  • The Administrator will provide the Board with an annual written summary of the organization’s performance and effectiveness. This reporting will include the organization’s success in meeting set program and fiscal goals and targets
  • A summary of annual fiscal and program performance information shall be easily accessible to donors and the public using such avenues as: the organization’s website, an annual report, or other means approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Every two years, the Board will formally review the organization’s performance and effectiveness in relation to its mission.

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