Many people find it difficult to get and stay sober/clean.  Asking for help can be difficult!  San Diego has tremendous resources for a wide variety of addictions, and for the family members who suffer to understand those addictions.  REACH OUT!

Recovery Programs

McAlister Institute

Turning Point Home (women only)

The Fellowship Center (men only)


Additional Online Resources

(619) 265-8762  (24-hour Hotline)

            (760) 758-2514 (24-hour Hotline)

            1-877-993-2422 (24-hour Hotline)


For the Gambling Addict

Resources can be difficult to tap into, although they are numerous.  Two very good searches are “gamblersinrecovery” and “gasteps”



For The Family


Good Reading

“How to Stay Sober: 12 Tips for Your Recovery” – #1 Identify Your Personal Triggers

Read on:  How to Stay Sober: 12 Tips for Your Recovery

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