A Letter from Jeanne McAlister

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Greetings to our Heartland House friends,

I am Jeanne McAlister, CEO of the McAlister Institute and a member of the Board of Directors of Heartland House. Much of my life – over 45 years, in fact – has been dedicated to helping people who are affected by Substance Use Disorder. McAlister Institute, which I founded in 1977, helps over 13,000 people annually through a variety of outpatient and residential treatment and learning programs Our clients are people affected by SUD and co-occurring mental conditions and include female parents with children, victims of domestic violence, teens and adolescents.

As someone who has experienced the evolution of recovery facilities over several decades, I am aware of the qualities that make those facilities effective:

Flexibility, the willingness to utilize the ever-evolving knowledge that we receive regarding drugs and their impacts, mental health treatment methods, and whole person care;

Resourcefulness, the ability to make the best out of any challenging situation that may arise; and

Leadership, the presence of people who are dedicated to the organization’s mission and able to inspire others to take responsibility and initiative in carrying that mission out.

I would only serve on a board of directors for an organization that exhibits these qualities, and Heartland House is such a place. Robert Cook and his team of professionals at Heartland House are constantly seeking and incorporating the latest information on SUD recovery and mental health into the programs that they offer their clients. In an environment in which human resources are at a premium and a pandemic continues to impact operations, the Heartland House team adeptly adjusts their staffing and procedures to ensure an ongoing quality of care. And the team displays leadership at all levels, ensuring that to a person they are performing their own responsibilities while being ready to assist other team members when the need arises.

In short, Heartland House has what it takes to sustain itself as an effective means to help men in recovery. I see a bright future for this place and I’m proud to be a part of what is a true asset to San Diego.



Jeanne McAlister

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