A Message from Jason Bustad, Hearland House Board Member

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I’m Jason Bustad and I have proudly served on the Board of Directors of Heartland House since 2005. I am a longtime San Diegan who joined our Board because I believe in giving back to my hometown. Our team at the House helps men in need of recovery, and when those men achieve it they have the means to enrich our community as members of families, as friends, as employees and as citizens. The positive potential of a clean and sober individual is amazing to see, and so the mission of recovery for clients of the House drives me to give what I can to help this outstanding organization.

The Board oversees the operations, maintenance and improvements for the House with attention to fiscal responsibility, regulatory compliance and sound business practices. As the owner and president of a heating, ventilating and air conditioning manufacturer representative company, I understand how a well-run business works. And in observing our team of staff over time, I am continually impressed with the high standard at which they operate the business side of Heartland House.

Where I am even more impressed is how this team handles the duties of providing recovery services. Helping men with Substance Use Disorder means providing quality care that addresses the unique needs of the individual being treated. This is referred to as person-centered care, and it is where the Heartland House team truly excels. Each client is carefully assessed and provided a plan for treatment that is based on their individual situation and administered by a staff who interact with them in an understanding manner without a specific time limitation on their program. In short Heartland House, through this stellar team and flexible approach, meets the person with SUD right where they are with tools to help them get to where they need to be.

The foregoing is why I feel honored to be a part of Heartland House. We passionately pursue our mission to help each person who comes to us for help, and we do so with the type of business acumen that is no less than impressive.

As we proceed into 2023, I hope that you, our friends, stay inspired to follow and support Heartland House.

Have a wonderful year.

Jason Bustad
Board Member

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