Employee Spotlight – Patrick Amano, Chef

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Patrick Armano has served Heartland House as the head chef since 2018 when he was hired to replace his longtime predecessor, Mike McKinney. Patrick stepped in to lead the House kitchen and has kept it firing on all cylinders ever since.

A native of Florida who attended St. Petersburg Junior College and Florida State University, where he studied Philosophy and Art History, Patrick joined his brother in Pacific Beach in 1992. While working various jobs in town as a bartender and in food preparation, Patrick developed an interest in cooking and seized the opportunity to learn culinary skills from a native Spanish chef in a prominent local restaurant. From there he moved among a number of hotel restaurants in which he studied under a variety of chefs, including at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe.

In 2007, Patrick came to realize that he needed help in his struggle with alcoholism, and he entered Heartland House as a client. During Patrick’s time at the House he found recovery while working in the kitchen under Mike. And Heartland House found a talented and diligent individual who would eventually fill Mike’s shoes.

Patrick says that what attracted him to work at Heartland House is the dedication and willingness of the entire staff in helping individuals with their addictions. He regards these qualities as all-too-rare today and feels happy to play his role in the recovery of the House’s clients.

When asked about his goals for the future, Patrick showed both laser focus on the present and an engaging sense of humor with his reply: “To make it through the holidays without going bonkers!”

The House is blessed to have an individual like Patrick Amano in charge of keeping our clients and staff well-fed and able to concentrate on recovery.

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