Heartland House is delighted to showcase Old Mission Rotary for its timely and generous grant of funding for video equipment in support of our telehealth efforts. The monitors and audio accessories that we will procure will help transform our gathering area into a multimedia facility that we can convert between one and two separate rooms for classes, counseling sessions and meetings for our clients and staff.

About the Old Mission Rotary: Now its 73rd year, the Old Mission Rotary is one of San Diego’s most energetic philanthropic organizations. The motto of Rotary International is Service Above Self, and the men and women of the Old Mission Rotary truly exemplify this spirit.

The Old Mission Rotary grants funding to other worthy service organizations (see below), but their generosity goes well beyond the financial realm. Members of Old Mission Rotary participate in countless hands-on projects that benefit communities in our binational San Diego – Baja California region. One of these is VIIDAI, a partnership of rotary clubs and the medical and public health schools of UCSD, SDSU and UABC (located in Tijuana). Twice each year, the participating university students and Rotary members travel 150 miles south of San Diego to Colonia Lomas de San Ramon, a poor community of about 4,000 native Mexican migrant workers and their families. There, the volunteers spend several days providing medical, dental and public health services and improvements to the community’s infrastructure including its school, gathering spaces, utilities and equipment. This selfless undertaking is indicative of the “can-do” spirit of the Old Mission Rotary.

Through its Art Pratt Foundation, the Old Mission Rotary granted the funding that Heartland House needed to complete our video equipment suite. The Foundation supports a variety of charitable organizations that benefit children and youth, persons with disabilities or who are otherwise disadvantaged. Heartland House extends our heartfelt gratitude to Old Mission Rotary President Gary John Collins, Art Pratt Foundation President Eric Benink and the entire membership of this venerable benefactor to our region.

Our mission is to serve men recovering from substance use disorder and related co-occurring conditions. Our overall goals are to provide a living environment conducive to continued recovery, conduct an educational program that helps the newly recovering alcoholic/addict establish a long-term support system, and generate attitudes that enhance self-sufficiency, self-worth and an ongoing quality of life.

Heartland House · 5855 Streamview Drive San Diego, California 92105 · info@heartlandhouse.org · 619-287-5460

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