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Our Heartland House team continues to perform our mission in the face of the multiple challenges of the COVID pandemic. The entire Heartland House staff received their initial COVID vaccines at the end of January and will be administered their second vaccines in mid-March. To ensure the ongoing health and safety of our residents and staff, we continue to adhere to the strict COVID containment protocols and procedures that have been in place since the height of the pandemic.

In the category of great timing: The House’s team scheduled the trimming of the expansive trees on the grounds of our facility for mid-January, within days of the high winds that wreaked havoc throughout the San Diego region. As a result, Heartland House was not impacted. We’d like to say that it was astute planning, but admittedly it was more a matter of good luck….

And in the category of really good news: Heartland House has been approved for a grant of $48,000 from the Sierra Health Foundation (see their donor profile below) that will support our implementation of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system for our organization. EHR provides a multitude of positives that include accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible information on file for every client, a high level of security and confidentiality of client information, and efficient documentation of client care that allows our staff team to allot more time to our clients with less time needed for administrative tasks. All of the foregoing advantages combine to help us provide a higher level of individualized, “person-centered” care to the men who come to us for treatment.

Electronic Health Record systems are key to the effective deliver of telehealth (remote treatment) services. To learn more about telehealth services, see:

Telehealth in Substance Abuse Treatment: Many Pluses, Much Potential

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