Announcing Hearts for Heartland House

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Hearts for Heartland House is a new program that we are launching to support our clients during the critical period when they are transitioning between residential treatment and functioning in society. We need your help! Your recurring monthly donation in any amount will assist residents in need of rent, clothing, and other expenses for 30-60 days while they find employment. This ensures they will have the ability to succeed in the next step of their recovery journey: becoming productive citizens.

Why do we need this program? A shift in recovery treatment is occurring. Beginning July 1, 2018, the Drug Medi-cal Organized Delivery System (DMC) will be implemented for facilities in San Diego County that qualify. As a DMC qualified facility (we are currently seeking qualification), we will provide fully integrated services that address each client’s individual needs for mental, physical and addiction treatment along with continued 12 step mutual support participation. When a client is admitted into our program, they become immediately and extremely busy with treatment and various programs that help them learn life skills that may or may not have been gained in the past. They may not be able to look for full-time work during this initial intensive course of treatment, and looking for full-time work immediately after this treatment will take some time. Providing assistance to them during this transitional period will set them up for long-term success in recovery.

Hearts for Heartland House will work hand in hand with the recovery support services that we provide to those clients who have completed their initial treatment but are in need of a transitional period before assuming a role in society. With the support of Hearts for Heartland House funding, these men will be able to better afford rent, clothes, and other necessities while they continue receiving treatment but needing to seek gainful employment.

The Hearts for Heartland House fund will be distributed to residents in need based on the assessment of our professional staff. We are very proud to say that this program is self-supporting, with no administrative costs, so 100% of your donated funds will go straight to the residents.

Your donations to Hearts for Heartland House are greatly appreciated as we strive to make this program another key service to our clients in need. The more support we offer to these men as they transition from intense treatment back into society, the better chance they will have a successful, long-term recovery.

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