New Program! Journey to Wholeness: Return to BE

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Heartland House has so many new and exciting things happening! We just launched a brand new website at the beginning of June, we are expanding to a new building that we’ve purchased next door, and we also have a new program to announce:

Journey to Wholeness: Return to BE


Here at Heartland House, we are committed to providing individually tailored treatment for men who struggle with substance use disorder (read more here at Our Recovery Program). We continually evolve our multi-dimensional treatment program based on the needs of our clients and on data from evidence-based models from the community of substance use disorder treatment. This newest element of our program reflects our dynamic approach to our mission.

Journey to Wholeness: Return to BE was created by Victoria Odde, who In 2015, studied and trained under Deepak Chopra at The Chopra Center in La Costa, California, and gained accreditation as a Certified Educator of Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle program developed by co-founders Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon. It is fashioned after the global best seller book, Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program


Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of healing from ancient India. The name is derived from the Sanskrit words “ayus” meaning life and “veda” meaning wisdom. Ayurveda views human beings as dynamic fields of intelligence, far more than thinking physical machines. When born, our lives are in a perfect state of balance. As we age we become out of balance physically, mentally, and spiritually, creating disease that results in addiction and common disorders of the body and mind.

Journey to Wholeness is tailored for those recovering from substance use disorders, bringing vitality, healing, and wholeness into their lives with tools for achieving the optimal balance of mind, body, spirit, and soul. Victoria weaves spiritual components with mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and 12 Step facilitation into a seven-session format that revolutionizes current care models.

Get more information


Please visit Our Recovery Program page for more information on all of our program offerings. Visit our Journey to Wholeness: Return to BE page for more details on this particular program.

We are very excited to welcome Victoria Odde to our staff to implement this program. Please visit her bio page for more information.

As always, if you or any of your friends or family are suffering from substance use disorder and are willing to take the next step toward recovery, Heartland House is here to help. Please reach out to us!

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