Additional Recovery Programs (Celebrate Recovery, SMART, etc.)

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Non-12-Step Programs

While 12 step groups are some of the oldest, most well-established recovery programs for those with substance use disorder, there are non-12-step programs that have popped up over the years. The original 12-step program, Alcoholics Anonymous, does not claim a monopoly on recovery, and as such, many different paths to recovery have been created, and are working for people.

Everyone in recovery must find their own path, what works for them. Here at Heartland House, we do create a personality-centered care model for each individual in our program. Read more about our recovery programs here.

Here’s some more information on various types of recovery programs:

SMART Recovery

SMART is an acronym for “Self-Management And Recovery Training. SMART was founded in 1994 and hosts more than 2000 meetings in the US and has spread all over the world. Learn more about their history on their website:

The program is based on abstinence, self-empowerment, and a 4-Point Program®. From their homepage:

“Self-Management And Recovery Training (SMART) is a global community of mutual-support groups. At meetings, participants help one another resolve problems with any addiction (to drugs or alcohol or to activities such as gambling or over-eating). Participants find and develop the power within themselves to change and lead fulfilling and balanced lives guided by our science-based and sensible 4-Point Program®.”


Secular Organizations for Sobriety

SOS Sobriety is a nonreligious, nonprofit organization made up of autonomous groups that help individuals maintain sobriety via a secular path. SOS Sobriety was founded in 1985 by a recovered alcoholic and has since spread across the globe.

You can learn more or find a meeting at

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is “a Christ-centered 12 step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind.

Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to find community and freedom from the issues that are controlling our life.”

Celebrate Recovery began at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California and has grown from its first meeting to having now over 35,000 churches involved. Celebrate Recovery can also be found outside of churches in recovery homes, universities, prisons, and more.

Learn more or find a group on

Refuge Recovery

Refuge Recovery centers on Buddhist principles as a strong foundation for recovery from substance use disorder. From their website:

“This program is an approach to recovery that understands: All individuals have the power and potential to free themselves from the suffering that is caused by addiction. We feel confident in the power of the Dharma, if applied, to relieve the suffering of all kinds, including the suffering of addiction. This is a process that cultivates a path of awakening, the path of recovering from the addictions and delusions that have created so much suffering in our lives and in this world.”

Learn more and find meetings here:

Ready to Choose a Path?

There can be many paths to recovery as you can see! There are many 12-step groups (read this blog for more info: “All About 12-Step Programs”), these non-12 step paths, as well as others, like various religious pathways, and other designs for living.

One common theme among all of these groups is that it’s much easier to do together! If you want some more information or help for yourself or a loved one, please do not hesitate to contact us, we want to help.

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