Going On Vacation Sober

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Going On Vacation Sober

Let your travel buddies know!

Make sure you let the people you are traveling with how important your sobriety is and to prioritize the support they can provide. Boundaries are crucial as well as having proper expectations prior to taking off. It can’t hurt to relay some potential triggers as well to ensure everyone is on the same page before venturing out to your destination.

Take care of your health

Be sure to take care of yourself when you go. While we may want to indulge in a few specialized meals from the local locations, try and eat healthy & regularly. If it’s possible, get some exercise and attempt to get a good night’s sleep. You may even want to attempt to get a full 8 hours plus some sleep-in time!  Getting some alone-time may also be a planned event and if not, look into it as that may offer some serenity during the chaos that can come with travels, especially if it’s a destination unknown or place you have never experienced. Keep an eye on your energy levels & moods, self-awareness is key when attempting to stay balanced.

Have Fun

Having a plan geared around fun & activities can take the mind off the idea of staying sober. Planning events in advance and having a structure established which removes boredom can greatly increase the chances of avoiding trouble. Again, try not to think just about staying sober during the vacation time, slide your mind into the next activity on your list and keep yourself moving towards crossing off those items you came to do, whether it’s visiting a unique location, taking in the sights or sounds, or enjoying some familiar fun such as golfing, shopping and the like.

Stay Connected

Keep in touch with your support crew and recovery world. Those that have been there with you along your journey of recovery will want to hear and see the awesome things you are getting to experience with your new way of life. Share pictures, tag your friends, attend some online support group meetings, find a local meeting, post a blog and blast the social media world with your sober experiences! Plug in, stay connected and enjoy the good times.

Make sure the time is right

For some, going on a vacation in the past meant a get away from the stress of life, & the pains and problems that may have existed at the beginning of recovery or hard times created from poor decisions. Choosing the right time to go on a vacation can be very important. Once you have maintained some stability in recovery and can truly relax and enjoy the moments with serenity & peace, it should offer the best experience possible. Going on vacation at the wrong time when you can’t enjoy it could potentially make things worse off than when you left in the first place.

Stay Positive

Rather than focusing on the things you used to do while on vacation or getting into the FOMO (fear of missing out) mode, try to stay positive and open to the new opportunities sobriety as brought forth for you. Just because you see someone enjoying that “one of a kind drink” and start the process of wondering what that may be like, don’t forget the truth behind why you may have those feelings in the first place. A life, once unmanageable, due to your inability to drink like other people or the inability to stop once you have started, is nothing to be missing out on. Feel excited and accomplished about your recovery, keep your head held high, and soak in all the great new experiences.

Keep your tools close

There are a ton of new tools available, as well as some old ones, to support your recovery on the go. Recovery apps are available for almost every device you may have with you. Make sure you bring your daily recovery tools, whether that be your recovery book, daily devotional or meditation, journal, etc. so you don’t disrupt your newfound routine. Having a playlist of music for motivation from your sobriety can be helpful too. Load up on some quick tips or guides for keeping on top of your sober mindset and refer to them daily if needed to put them to good use.

Location, Location, Location

Picking the right location to go on vacation can be important. Hitting the local brewery tour might not be the best fit for a recovering alcoholic or going to the latest night club filled with college students fresh on break looking for a filtered view of reality while the books are away. Feel confident in choosing activities and areas that are free of alcohol & other drugs. National parks are a great choice or you could potentially join a “Sober Tour” on its way for the hidden caves or private swimming holes. Do a little discovery for places that are highly reviewed for things other than the party atmosphere.

Be Prepared

Life will still get “lifey”. Drama with family, travel issues such as missed flights, crappy hotels, the unplanned road construction in your way at all times can happen. Things do not always go as planned and that can be part of the experience and be a positive one if you are in the right frame of mind. Remember there are things you just can’t control, so don’t let them control you! Use the tools you have developed, the support network you have established and enjoy the ride whether it be smooth sailing or a bumpy adventure. After all, you have made it through and overcome an incredible situation getting sober, which at one point, may have seemed impossible. There is nothing you can achieve with the right body, mind, and spirit so be prepared and be prepared to be amazed at what you can do now that you have achieved sobriety!

If you feel like you need help now or before you take an adventure or perhaps you just have questions about the recovery process we are here to help! Contact us below for more information.

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