How to Work with Your Doctor when Receiving Medication

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Can You Take Medications in Recovery?*

Many people when entering a sober life for the first time may be concerned about certain medications they are taking, or know they may need to take. We’ll walk through a few common scenarios, but the best advice is always to work with your doctor and take any medications as prescribed.

Medication in Early Sobriety

Often times in early sobriety, depending on the extent of one’s physical addiction to various substances, a doctor may prescribe medication to help you withdraw. A lot of these medications are prescribed for a short period of time and should be discontinued when your doctor says.

Medication for Mental Health

Many people in recovery have additional health concerns, sometimes anxiety, depression, or other co-occurring mental illnesses. Every individual is unique, and some may need medication for Mental illness while some may be able to treat theirs with counseling, therapy, meditation or other means.

It’s important to work with a psychiatrist or other medical doctor that can prescribe medication when looking into medication for Mental Health. Not only is it important to not overmedicate and take medication as prescribed, do not take yourself off medication unless your doctor takes you off of it.

Medication for Medical Procedures

Life goes on when you get sober and that sometimes comes with medical procedures from surgeries, minor procedures, and dental procedures. These can require anesthesia and pain medication afterward.

Just as in any other case, it’s important to take medication as prescribed by your physician. Narcotics and opiates can be addictive, especially for people suffering from substance use disorder. Communicate with your doctor, make sure they know you are in recovery. Sometimes they may be able to prescribe non-addictive pain medication.

It’s also smart to have someone you love with or are close to being aware of your prescription and maybe even hold them and administer them for you.

Sobriety and Medication

When it comes to medication, work closely with your doctor as well as any counselors, sponsors, or anyone else you are working with to ensure your sobriety. If your motives are correct and you follow the directions of professionals, there’s no need to fear taking medication while in recovery.

*Only take medical advice from medical doctors!

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