Learning To Enjoy Life After Getting Sober

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Learning To Enjoy Life After Getting Sober

Being in active addiction can bring the thought that you may never stop. That a life sober is simply unattainable. Imaging a life of sobriety that is enjoyable just doesn’t seem possible. Even though you see how many problems are caused by drinking and using, you still continue to drink. You may have lost your job, money, family, all because of your addiction then trying to cope with the pain that it brings. Continuing to use despite all the hardships is the insanity of the disease of addiction as the solution you believe to be is to continue using.

Drinking or using can keep you isolated from the world, and it’s easy to forget how fun and exciting life can be. The most fun someone in addiction typically has is drinking or using, but they’re not having nearly as much fun as they think they are. Chasing that feeling you have the first time you started drinking or using perhaps at a party with friends or event is the endless search many seek, but that usually ends when the addiction takes over. It’s crucial to learn how to truly enjoy the fun in recovery!

It can take a while for you to experience this, but you can find it eventually and perhaps when you least expect it to kick in. Getting sober is a new way of living and a second chance at life and many lose sight of who they are during their addiction. Being able to positively experience the opportunities in sobriety is an amazing feeling and can bring about newfound passions in life. Pursuing the ideas you once had of becoming a famous writer, or paid athlete, up and coming musician or public figure is all possible through sobriety. There are tons of ways to get back the feeling you once had towards living the best of times and you may realize that the beginning highs of your addiction can be achieved naturally & through a sober mind frame.

Writing down goals that you can achieve through taking the steps necessary can bring a euphoric feeling once you cross them off and focus on the next goals ahead of you. Weighing out the pros and cons is a big part of that. Getting the proper perspective on what is best for your life now and for the future you can be assisted by listing out the things that you wanted to change about yourself during your addiction. Was it really the best of times being at your worst?

Perhaps paying attention to the little things a life of sobriety brings can help you gain this perspective. It could be the sun on your face, a car ride with the windows down as the wind blows and your favorite music turned up, or a walk to a local spot to take in the sights and sounds it has to offer with a clear mind and body. It can be something like enjoying an afternoon playing with your kids. It can be the satisfaction of accomplishments like a clean house or an awesome home-cooked meal, things that simply did not happen when you were using.


You can certainly include some of the bigger things like getting back the trust of loved ones or getting and keeping a job, just take a few minutes and enjoy the rewards of not using. Keep an eye out for moments like this every day. You may find there is an endless amount of these moments for you to take in and that list can grow beyond your expectations.


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