Life After Treatment: Continuing Care

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Our Recovery Program – Continuing Care

After completing their residential treatment program, every client requires strong social supports to help them maintain long-term sobriety as they learn how to function in mainstream society. The purpose of Continuing Care is to provide those supports, easing the client’s transition to everyday life while they develop their own social network.

Continuing Care takes a variety of forms for the client. At its most basic level, it means returning to their own or a new home environment and regularly attending recovery meetings. The client, however, may not have a stable, substance-free environment to return to or may otherwise benefit from a Continuing Care residential experience.

For these latter clients, Heartland House offers Continuing Care options:

Recovery Residence

For a slight step down from residential treatment, Heartland House maintains a Recovery Residence at our facility. Our Recovery Residence, like all residential elements of Heartland House, provides the client with a living situation with other individuals committed to recovery. Every Recovery Residence client participates in an Intensive Outpatient Program in which they are undergoing group therapy and individual counseling and attend recovery group meetings. These activities take place at Heartland House and at the facilities of substance abuse and mental health professionals.

Sober Living Residence

Our Heartland House Sober Living Residence provides a greater measure of independence to the client than in our Recovery Residence. Available for clients who need a recovery-friendly living environment, Sober Living allows the recovering client time – up to 24 months – to develop the resources needed to transition into a completely independent living situation, be that an apartment or reconciliation with family. In support of their transition to mainstream society, Sober Living residents actively participate in their local community as sponsors, advisors, and employees and often represent Heartland House at public events.

In both our Recovery Residence and Sober Living Residence, the residents agree to abide by a set of household rules and share chores as a condition of their stay. Rent and payments are all-inclusive and include various amenities to ensure that the residents have a stable place to live while they continue to work on their change plan and make progress toward greater independence. Rent covers all of the resident’s utilities, and Heartland House furnishes all Continuing Care residences with cookery, linens and other necessary amenities.

Continuing Care at Heartland House gives our clients who need them the time and tools to make a gradual and lasting transition to everyday life. The substance-free environment and the range of available means of treatment make Continuing Care a vital element in long-term recovery. Heartland House continues to improve and refine our Continuing Care facilities and offerings to provide the client with the means to build and strengthen the foundation of their personal recovery.

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