Our Recovery Program – Case Management

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Case Management

Once our clients have completed their intake process, they are assigned a caseworker from our Heartland House staff to support them in accomplishing their individualized treatment program.

Assisting the Recovery Process

In completing their intake questionnaire, each client identified goals and a change team to help them succeed. This change team may consist of friends, family, medical personnel, counselors, sponsors, and anyone who can facilitate the client’s recovery. The change team is vital in augmenting the efforts of our Heartland House staff on behalf of the client.

Another role of our Heartland House staff is that of ensuring that any medical, dental, therapy and other wellness-related appointments that relate to the client’s change plan are arranged. After confirming that the requested appointment is in alignment with the treatment that the client receives at Heartland House, our team arranges transportation for the client, if needed. Following any appointments, our counselors discuss the treatment with the attending doctor/physician/therapist.

Heartland House staff also takes the lead on any of the client’s obligations related to the judicial system. They assist the client with transportation to any scheduled court appointments and/or court-ordered treatment programs that are in addition to those already in the client’s change plan. Our staff also ensures that the client has the necessary information and documents that they need in order to comply with their court-related obligations.

Exploring the Support System

Getting started on their change plan can be very overwhelming for the individual. After decades of substance use, they will be susceptible to thoughts like “I don’t know where to begin” or “I’m fine, this is enough/too much”. The client’s readiness to embark and remain on the path of change is likely to undergo ups and downs based on a variety of factors, and the Heartland House staff and client’s change team are available sources of assistance and encouragement on their journey to recovery.

The support of our clients for each other has been a valuable organic result of the program created by our Heartland House team. Here is a story of how clients supported one of their own in a time of need:

When a client’s wallet went missing and left him without cash, identification and credit/debit cards, our residents came together to support him both materially and socially. With minimal staff assistance, the victim’s fellow residents assisted him in applying for new identification documents, canceling old and obtaining new financial cards and retrieving lost phone numbers. This was a welcome and unexpected impact that we consider to be a result of a program of individually-centered care.

If you are interested in learning more about our individually centered treatment program and its case management features and benefits, please contact the Heartland House team. We are here to help.


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