The First Year Getting Sober

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The First Year Getting Sober

So you want to get sober. You have made the decision and are willing to take the necessary actions to accomplish this idea. You have either decided to enter treatment, join a recovery group or perhaps you are just going to white knuckle it and do it solo. Like most life goals, there are going to be steps to take to accomplish your plan. Big steps, little steps and perhaps steps in the dark. For some, getting sober may seem like an endless shift at work or a trip to a destination that is seemingly never-ending. Here are some tips and points of reference for what the First Year in sobriety might be like.


Obstacles to Overcome

Getting sober is not an easy process. Identifying that you have a problem is the first step. Being honest and vulnerable while being open to change can be a tough obstacle to overcome. Having the willingness to stop is one thing, having the tools necessary to get the job done is a whole other can of worms. It may seem like an uphill battle at times but it does get easier over time. If you properly equip yourself, the mind, body and spirit will ultimately determine the effectiveness of your attempt to overcome alcoholism or addiction and to make the change take effect. There may be family issues to address during the first year, such as burnt bridges to recross. Maybe personal relationships with a girlfriend or boyfriend to attend to. Getting a proper diet instilled into your daily habits. Court obstacles can also be something you will need to tackle. Inner fears and anger will surface but you can achieve progress if you apply the necessary steps suggested in order to recover.



Getting started with the first year of the process of recovery and getting sober can bring upon an almost pink cloud like effect. You feel like a new person, doing new things, seeing the world in a different light. There will be times you feel like you are achieving so much in such a short amount of time only to be faced with a setback which may be minor on the outside but feels major on the inside. Staying consistent in your efforts is a key to success. Being able to maintain a routine and make continued progress during times of hardship or heartache even, is crucial to getting to the next step or phase of recovery. Starting out strong but fading at the end will not be a comfortable position to be in so its important to stay the course you have set forth at all times. When possible, reaching out to your support group may be necessary to check yourself back into the proper alignment of mind, body and spirit so you don’t get discouraged. Make a plan, prepare for changes and take the ups and downs in strong strides so you can see yourself moving forward vs backwards. Sticking to your plan is vital to the success of your recovery as many of us can get sidetracked or veer of course during this process. You can do it and there is help at every turn along the way if you are open and willing to take it on.


Enjoying the moment

Getting further into the first year of recovery you may find yourself getting back much of what you lost. Family & friends will resurface. You may get your old job back or an even better job that is new and exciting. Financial stability may be on the horizon due to the efforts you are putting in. It is important to take a moment and be grateful for what you are accomplishing and to reward yourself when you can. Whether its just a day off soaking the sun up or some travel to comfortable place. Getting to feel the benefits of your work is important and may end up coming at the right time during your recovery. Often times people forget to take the time to enjoy the moment and embrace the good times you are experience from getting through the bad. Facing the day with a positive outlook and having something to look forward to is also a key component to achieving success in recovery as it may get you over a rut or hiccup in your current state. Be sure to take time for yourself and to smell the roses along the path to recovery as it may become something you enjoy more than ever before now that you have a more clear mind, healthy body and aligned spirit. Life can be as great as you make it, so make it so!


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